How to Find Towing in Los Angeles CA

Towing in Los Angeles CA

Whether you are a business owner looking to secure a towing service contract or a driver in need of help after getting into an accident, knowing how to find the right Towing in Los Angeles CA is essential.

Property owners such as businesses and apartment complexes can benefit from Towing in Los Angeles CA by having a vehicle removal company take illegally parked vehicles off their lot. This rarely costs the lot owner anything.

Vehicle Breakdowns and Accidents

Many calls to towing companies occur as a result of vehicles breaking down or being involved in accidents. Sometimes these are minor but in other cases they can be severe and require the assistance of police or emergency services to ensure everyone’s safety. In these situations a tow truck company can help by providing transport and possibly even storage of the vehicle.

The Metro Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) is a great roadside assistance service for drivers who are experiencing problems on Los Angeles freeways. The FSP program, which is a collaboration between Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol and local transportation agencies, dispatches roving tow trucks to motorists whose cars are disabled on the highway. By quickly removing these cars from the freeway, the FSP helps reduce traffic congestion and save fuel and minimize air pollutants.

While the FSP is an excellent resource, there are also many other towing companies who can provide specialized services beyond the scope of the FSP, and these companies typically focus on convenience, professionalism, and expertise in their towing service offerings. These supplemental services may include jump starts, tire changes and lockout assistance, among others.

Illegally Parked Vehicles

Tow truck drivers often run into illegally parked vehicles on private property. There are specific laws that state that a towing company must obtain a written authorization before taking a vehicle off of privately owned land. If you find that your vehicle has been towed by a tow company that is not following these rules, you should file a complaint.

The person who owns the property where your car was towed must sign a statement with the name, title, address and signature. They must also provide a telephone number and the license plate, make and model of your vehicle.

A reasonable release fee must be charged by the towing company for the removal of a vehicle from private property. This fee should not exceed one-half of the normal towing rate for that area. You can find the owner of a property by calling your county tax assessor. Then you can determine their agent for service of process (the person that is to receive legal documents on their behalf). The agent must be a resident.

Bad Weather

When weather conditions are bad this can cause accidents which will require a tow truck. This happens because the weather can cause people to become distracted while driving and they may go off the road. These types of accidents can lead to minor or serious injuries.

Working on freeways and busy streets can also be very dangerous for tow truck drivers. They have to be incredibly focused and aware of their surroundings in order to ensure the safety of themselves, other motorists, and their crew members. It’s for this reason that California adopted the “Slow Down, Move Over” law for the safety of highway workers and emergency personnel.

Primary Towing Los Angeles offers motorcycle towing services as well as flatbed towing for cars, small to medium sized SUVs and trucks, exotic and classic cars, cargo vans and trailers as well as high-end luxury vehicles. They have a network of towing professionals that provide quick response and are familiar with Los Angeles traffic.

Vehicle Problems

If your vehicle starts to make a loud noise or shake or won’t start at all you may need a towing truck to get it to the auto repair shop. It’s important to seek help for these issues because they can be dangerous for you and other drivers.

A towing company can also haul your vehicle if you have a battery or alternator problem. Usually, these problems won’t be dangerous if you’re able to have them repaired quickly.

For people living on the edge of poverty, losing their cars to impoundment can be a tipping point into homelessness. That’s why Public Counsel is working for equitable, common-sense towing reforms. For example, a lawsuit we helped file on behalf of Joseph Morrissey—who was hospitalized for cancer surgery and unable to move his car—settled this month. It includes a settlement that changes City policy to ensure that the City will no longer deny medical-related challenges to parking citations while they are in process.