Water Heater Services

A water heater is an essential part of a home that provides warm, comfortable water for cleaning and bathing. Many people take their water heater for granted until something goes wrong and they need repair or replacement. Whether your water heater needs basic repairs or a complete replacement, call the experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. They offer guarantee-backed services and competitive pricing. If you’re considering having your water heater replaced, be sure to read this article for important information about the process.

The first step to preventing your water heater from breaking down is to hire a plumber. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to do this work, call a professional plumber. Water heaters can be costly and complicated devices. That’s why it’s important to get them serviced by a licensed plumber. Water heater tune-ups will ensure that your system functions efficiently and reliably. Additionally, they will increase the life of your water heater, reducing energy costs and preventing early replacement.

Other common problems with Water Heater Services include not getting hot enough or too little hot water. Other causes may be a pilot light failure, a malfunctioning thermocouple, or a gas service interruption. Another critical component of a water heater is the Temperature and Pressure-Relief Valve, which releases pressure when water gets too hot. It is critical that these components function properly to prevent pressurized explosions. If you have any of these problems, call a professional water heater repair service in Erie County.

Another thing to do is to contact your homeowners insurance provider. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover replacement of water heaters. However, some policies cover the water heater damage caused by a storm. Before calling your insurer, make sure you understand exactly what your policy covers. Also, some places don’t require permits to replace or maintain water heaters. Trying to avoid permits is risky and may void your insurance coverage. In these cases, you may want to hire a water heater service that is licensed.

Another problem that can require professional attention is a leak in a tankless water heater. Leaks can cause enormous damage. However, you can often repair them yourself without having to replace the entire unit. It is important to shut off gas and electricity before beginning a repair, as these can cause further damage. It’s also essential to clean up any spilled water to prevent mold and mildew. However, if you can’t find the leak, call a professional to do the repairs.

In addition to flushing out mineral sediment, you can descale your heating element to prevent future deposits from forming. If your water heater is making screeching noises, it’s likely a valve that is faulty. When this happens, water is trying to travel through a small opening. If your water heater is making screeching noises, check the T&P Relief Valve. This valve releases pressure and temperature when too high temperatures occur.